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The Common Good Co-op

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Common Good Cooperatives innovates small business development and participation, peer-led by women of color.

We envision sustainable methods to create connections which inspire the dignity, equity and equality of a diverse community of women. Through economic development models based in systems of access to fresh hyperlocal healthy foods, innovation, and place-making, Common Good Co-op applies a lens focused on gender, class and culture to join women across our region in seeding health, community and belonging, for us all.  

Founded in 2013 by Kafi Dixon an African American rural and urban farmer, mother of three, and small business owner and Nadia Aiguier co-director, and other women of color interested in community development for working-class families of color in the urban areas of Boston, which they call home.

"Our mission is to create environments of health for lower resourced women of color in the working-class families of

New England."

       Our Story

The Women of Color Cooperative Cottage and Urban Farm is an initiative begun by Seeds of Change Solidarity Network & The Common Good Co-op. With a vision to create equity-based initiatives for African-American women and women here in the city of Boston, we began self-funding thoughtful projects based in a cultural competency of communities. Through access to welcoming communal and green space women and men of color across class and experiences come together to envision methods of strengthening lower resourced neighborhoods and communities.  


       Our Founding

In 2016, with a public announcement our work began. The collective voice of women pushed forward the dreams and hopes curated by women for women. Where our voices hard not been heard on this day, we spoke our truth for all to hear.  The creation of the first Cooperatives models for women, by women. 

“Faith as tiny as a grain of sand allows us to move mountains.”

― Paulo Coelho,

       Our Experience

The Common Good Project is Boston 1st Urban Farm of culturally normative specialty crop and dairy. Quietly founded by Black Women to provide affordably price organic grown food for our underserved community. We have pushed back on a stigma within our region of who farms, what they look like, and to what network they belong. Our work pushes back against the subtle politics of race, class and privilege in the NorthEast Agriculture, while establishing the capacity and competency of Black women's true resilience against marginalizing policies and practices.


Let Us Feed Your Soul

The Common Good Project


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9 Arvale Rd, Boston MA


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